Get Together Then (BillyBo - Daddy vs Harry Chapin - Cats in the Cradle)

from Get Together Then (BillyBo - Daddy vs Harry Chapin - Cats in the Cradle) by DJ Nerd42

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who can make a man's head hang so low
and disgrace the place he stands as he walks a lonely road?
it's bitter at the bottom of the barrel dont you know
but redemption lies ahead, feed the fire, burn the coal
rope it, pull it in, and maintain control
cuz the role your playing now builds character and soul
if you can shake it, better take it, it's as valuable as gold
who'da known it was my father that made me feel alone
man over board, a family's been shipwrecked
13 years old, it's like i couldn't even swim yet
left to toss and turn in the tears that i cried
drownin out emotions cuz the heart can tell a lie
box me in with bricks and mortar
protectin my investments when you try to cross the border
it's a shame, but you're to blame (you're to blame)
at this point i'm ashamed that i carry your last name

you won't understand, Daddy I Hate You
I thought you were a man - Daddy I Hate You
a simply sorry won't cut it, and forget a shake of hands
cuz Daddy I Hate You, Daddy I Hate You.

slap me around, man, i know you want to
then you wonder how i got this anger from you
pull me back and snap me like a rubberband
fling me into trouble as much as trouble can
sex, lies and videotape were my escape
roll away emotions down the block on my skates
grind away the pain, try to fly past the issue
dab my eyes with tissues, disguise that i missed you
it's too complex and you're too selfish
to figure out my head, so i stay celled in
locked and cocked, and the safety's off
tickin down the clock hands as the ball drops
let it fall, forget it all, like this is just a dream
a surreal life, is it really what it seems?
what could it have been? (what could it have been?)
daddy, let me ask, did you really love your kids?

almost a decade later and the tables have turned
treading dirty water cuz the bridges have burned
but it filters through my fingers, and sifts out the treasure
with every step forward it takes away the pressure
on the road less traveled the mystery unravels
love awaits, close the case and crack the gavel
make a folder for the future, shred the memories
the way we were before is the way we'll never be
patchwork quilted, double-stitched and reinforced
can't rip apart the seams with any human force
light it with a torch and let the whole world see
it's my father i look up to and he's standing next to me
we dropped everything we had, our pride and all
to prove unto others how we're answering the call
Christ braids the strands and we stand in awe
that we even walk together after learning how to crawl

now i hope you understand - Daddy I Love You
I can see a new man - Daddy I Love You
so i'm huggin this man, forget a shake of hands
cuz Daddy I Love You, Daddy I Love You


from Get Together Then (BillyBo - Daddy vs Harry Chapin - Cats in the Cradle), released June 8, 2012
Produced by DJ Nerd42

Vocals by BillyBo. Original track:
Samples Harry Chapin - Cats in the Cradle


all rights reserved


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