DJ Nerd42 Speaks (Public Service Announcement)

from Linkin Things by DJ Nerd42



Hey. This is DJ Nerd42. I just want to take a moment to talk about the sharing that makes the mashup scene possible. Most mashups require getting voices and instruments on separate tracks. People collect them from artist releases, studio leaks, vinyl records, old tapes, phase inversion, video games, any way they can get them. We don’t make money. We do it because we love music and cool ideas.

Multitracks not only enable non-commercial creativity like mine, but are also an educational resource for aspiring musicians, producers and audio engineers. But the scene needs your help. Contact your favorite bands and their labels asking them to release multitracks. Instead of trading, please share your multitracks for free. By working together, we can do whatever it takes to keep mashups awesome. Thanks.


from Linkin Things, released December 21, 2015



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